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    Department of History & Social Sciences

    2019 - 2020

    Clio, The Muse of History (Artist: Pierre Mignard)  

    In the History & Social Sciences Department, students are provided with the opportunity to learn critical thinking and analytical skills in conjunction with developing knowledge about the past and aspects of the present through a variety of required and elective course offerings. 

    Our required courses are:

    • 9th GradeUnited States History I (to 1900)
      • Levels: Honours & College Preparatory
      • Instructors: Ascoli, Breen, Connors, Constantine
    • 10th GradeUnited States History II (1900 - present)
      • Levels: Advanced Placement, Honours & College Preparatory
      • Instructors: Connelly, Connors, Constantine, Evans, LeBlanc
    • 11th gradeModern World History (1650 - present) -
      • Levels: Advanced Placement, Honours & College Preparatory
      • Instructors: Connelly, Ferreira, McCormack

    Additionally, the department offers a variety of electives, primarily for students in their junior & senior years:

    • Criminal Justice - College Preparatory (Instructor: Ascoli)
    • Economics - Advanced Placement (Instructor: Breen)
    • Ethics - Honours & College Preparatory (Instructor: Gentili)
    • Psychology - Advanced Placement & Honours (Instructors: Evans, Morin)
    • Sociology - College Preparatory (Instructor: Breen)
    • US Government & Politics - Advanced Placement & Honours (Instructor: Gentili)
    • World History (1200 to Present) - Advanced Placement (Instructor: McCormack)


    Please be sure to consult the Program of Studies for course details and expectations.  As the department develops this Web site, links and uploaded resources for various courses will be posted.  Anyone wishing to offer any suggestions or content ideas or seek information about the Web site should contact Mr. Joseph Ferreira


    Interesting Facts:

    The following YouTube video offers some interesting perspectives on our global geography.  Prepare to be...surprised:

King Philip History & Social Sciences Honor Society

  • King Philip History & Social Sciences Honour Society of King Philip Regional High School is the academic co-curricular organization dedicated to promoting the study of history and the social sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Political Science/Government, Economics) by students seeking a well-rounded in-depth academic experience beyond the classroom setting. Meetings are held monthly and interested students should contact the advisor, Mr. McCormack, in Rm. 209 or:

History & Social Sciences Faculty

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